New Times Radio

New Times Radio (NTR) features audio versions of the top stories from the print edition of Topanga New Times, a magazine serving the Santa Monica Mountains area of Southern California. We share key articles on the arts, culture, history, and environmental issues while living in a Wildlife Urban Interface (WUI).

Discover- Our naturalist and historian Suzanne Guldimann explores local lore and explains the nature around us.

Books & Such- American Historian Jimmy P. Morgan takes us on deep dives into modern society through an American history lens.

Lost CanyonsLA- Emmeline Summerton from @lostcanyonsla uncovers the rich cultural history of the canyons of Los Angeles, and the many influential artists and musicians that have lived in the area.
Work + Life- Olivia Pool is a Transformational Life and Conscious Business Coach bringing forth her thoughts on work/life balance and personal growth.

Storyland- In the mix, you will find special audiobook chapters of The Coastwatchers, our original family friendly fiction series, set in WWII Malibu written by Suzanne Guldimann; and Wednesdays with JMo by Jimmy P. Morgan.

More NTR projects are in development, including original content that hasn’t appeared yet in print. Our producer is Brian Chapman.